Mud Advertising

Mud Advertising involves creating a custom made stencil with your image and message. We then create an advert made from mud to give an eco friendly form of advertising.

Mud adverts are great to showcase an eco friendly way of advertising. These adverts are not always suitable for pavement areas, can work as a great advert on private land.

The Stencil

Our stencils are usually cut from 2,000mm x 2,000mm sheets of mylar. This offers the best durability and an ideal advert size for mud adverts. We can use larger or smaller stencils sizes if you prefer and if it works for the campaign.



We are unable to give a price on our website as each campaign is different. The locations, number of adverts and the number of stencil will affect the pricing. Please get in touch and we can give you your free quotation.


Number of Adverts

Campaigns usually consist of small numbers.



We cover the whole of the UK. By using several teams we can carry out campaigns in multiple cities at the same time if needed.



Normally we would ask for at least 2 weeks notice for a campaign, but we have carried out campaigns with shorter notice when needed. Naturally, the more time we have the better to ensure all fine details are agreed.



 Over the last 20 years we have carried out hundreds of campaigns throughout the UK, placing well over 15,000 adverts.



Although mud adverts are eco friendly, permission should be granted from the land owner.