Clean Adverting - Reverse Graffiti

Eco friendly adverts that can be placed all over the UK, targeting busy footfall areas. Meaning your message or brand can be seen by thousands of potential customers every day. The best things about it: everything is carried out using only CLEAN WATER!

Clean Adverts, Advertising At Your Feet!

Advertising at your feet! Using guerilla marketing we can reach your targeted audience anywhere in the UK. By using clean advertising/reverse graffiti and temporary chalk spray adverts your message can be at the feet of everyone in your targeted areas.

Our unique form of advertising is able to grab the imagination and most importantly the attention of your desired audience. Whichever medium you choose, we create high impact, memorable adverts that will get people talking about your products or message.

clean advertising reverse graffiti

High Impact, Eco Friendly

Reverse graffiti clean adverts are placed by using only clean water. No chemicals are used for the cleaning, meaning this form of advertising is truly one of the cleanest ways to advertise.

Multiple colours, maximum effect

Chalk adverts are created using a biodegradable chalk based paint. This form of advertising will really stand out and get your brand of message noticed. These can be left to fade away naturally, or we can remove them when you are ready.

Mud, Glorious mud!

Mud adverts are a great way of advertising your brand or message while keep close to nature! This form of advertising will not last forever, but the has a massive effect and advertising in an Eco friendly way. 

Other names for Clean Advertising: Reverse Graffiti, Clean Adverts, Green Adverts, Green Graffiti, Pavement Adverts, Clean Pavement Advertising, Eco Street Adverts, Green Street Adverts. 

Clean advertising is a highly effective, targeted form of out of home advertising. As every clean advert is created using just clean water it is a very Eco-friendly way of advertising. Ideal for brand launches, product releases, event promoting and more, reverse graffiti is a very effective, low cost, Eco-friendly form of advertising. 

Clean advertising is also called reverse graffiti. This is because we find dirty pavements in high footfall areas and clean your advert into the dirt using a pressure washer. So rather than applying paints, as you do in normal graffiti, we selectively clean the dirt from the area to leave a clean advert on a dirty pavement. The contrast between the dirty slab and the cleaned areas are so high that the advert stands out clearly for people to see. 

When walking down the street people rarely notice posters or bill boards as they blend into the background and are the usual backdrop for any city/town location. These types of advertising are a very costly investment. Clean Adverts or Reverse Graffiti however, is noticed due to the fact that it is an unusual way of advertising that people cannot help but notice. We often find when one person looks at an advert, due to curiosity, people around look at the advert too. 

Clean Adverts have taken part in campaigns for many large multi-national companies, as well as small start-up businesses. Some campaigns have had several hundred adverts placed in over 20 cities; some campaigns have consisted of just 10 adverts on one street. 

Chalk adverts are created in the same way as reverse graffiti adverts, but rather than clean the area, a bio-degradable chalk spray is applied over the stencil to leave a coloured advert, or image. The chalk sprays we use are waterproof, but washable so we can remove the adverts when they have served their purpose. Chalk adverts need to be placed on private ground, where the owner’s permission has been granted. Once this has been arranged we at Clean Adverts can create your custom made stencil and place your adverts / images in several colours in your chosen location. This works well on closed sites such as colleges, universities, tourist attractions, large business premises, etc. as well as shop fronts to attract people to step inside.