What is an Eco Friendly way of advertising?
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What is an Eco Friendly way of advertising?

Reverse graffiti advertising, or clean adverts, are an excellent way of advertising in an eco-friendly way. This type of marketing can also be referred to as green marketing. Many companies are using green marketing such as clean advertising for their advertising campaigns today. This is because they can boast that their adverts are applied using only clean water. Sustainable advertising is an excellent way of advertising today.

Clean advertising is carried out by power washing over a stencil to leave a clean image of your advert or message. This means, no chemicals are used, no paint or ink, no paper or stickers, just clean water. We can even harvest rainwater making it extremely eco friendly.


How are Clean Adverts removed?

This is the beauty of reverse graffiti clean adverts. The adverts will fade back to their ‘normal’ dirty state over a period of weeks. In busy cities this will happen quicker than smaller towns. The pavement then returns to it’s normal dirty state, due to foot traffic and weather. This means it leaves no trace at all on the surface.


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